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DEGU is pleased to be working with many talented and passionate supporters from the sports, entertainment and artistic fields. Our celebrity supporters make a special and valuable commitment and contribution to a wide range of our projects – for this we are very thankful.

Corporate partners

DEGU is leading the way in developing innovative partnerships with the business community including brands as diverse as…… (navescemo firme….)

We believe our success is down to the fact that we always take the time to get to know our partners and prospective followers and make certain that partnerships are customized to meet their corporate objectives. This approach guarantees mutually advantageous outcomes, more satisfied supporters and longer-term, sustainable corporate partnerships.

Our corporate partners are proud to be associated with DEGU, excited by the impact they can have on a condition that affects millions of people in the world and impressed by the opportunities, positive acknowledgment and goodwill that their support generates.

You could put up posters or display awareness materials and other relevant information. You might want to get involved as a volunteer, organizing or taking part in awareness events and activities.

Good luck with all your efforts and thank you for helping to spread the word about these conditions, our activities to help people live with it, and our work towards finding a cure.

Please help DEGU to raise awareness among pregnant women with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension and the general public. We can supply posters and other awareness materials for you to display at exhibitions or events, or put up in your local library, pharmacy, clinic, surgery or other suitable public places.

Volunteers can order materials for our DEGU awareness campaign.

Healthcare professionals can order materials for our DEGU awareness campaign.

Do you belong to a community group or organization that would be interested in hearing more about metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy?

Then why not book a Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension in Pregnancy volunteer speaker to come along and talk at your event.

Our speaker scheme volunteers are part of a network of volunteer speakers trained and supported by DEGU. Their role is to raise awareness about metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy and the work of DEGU. Please note our speakers are not medically trained and cannot give medical advice.

As part of our drive to raise awareness of diabetes we are happy to provide this service free of charge. All we ask is that hosts consider supporting DEGU by making a donation or organizing a fundraising activity. We can send you fundraising information and materials to help you plan a successful event.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a speaker in your area but we will do our best to meet your needs.

Metabolic syndrome is characterized with the existence of abdominal obesity, increased blood pressure, the presence of noticeable increase in fatigue and muscle pain, and the presence of heart disease and high cholesterol. When the conditions are present, a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome may be appropriate leading to the creation of secondary complications involving fertility.

If, after treating for infertility, you are blessed with a pregnancy, there are health risks that can develop if you have metabolic syndrome. While it is not clear how a developing fetus is adversely affected by metabolic syndrome, it is believed that the intrauterine tissue is adversely impacted when your weight, sugar levels, and your cardiovascular health are impaired. Therefore, before even beginning a fertility program, you may want to work with an endocrinologist to address your metabolic disorders.

Fertility treatments can be costly. For women who are at-risk for a metabolic syndrome complication, expending the cost for fertility treatments may be deferred until a health weight, lowered cholesterol, and normal blood sugar levels can be attained. Rather than expending costs, and probably placing your unborn child at risk, your fertility specialists will usually recommend deferring fertility treatment but, in some rare cases, may proceed. As a woman desiring to have children, it will be your responsibility, ultimately, to ensure your health is normalized so as to ensure your body is given every opportunity to successfully conceive.

Pregnancy and metabolic syndrome

During the physiological pregnancy the body is being provoked by many hormonal, immunological and metabolic changes. .

Pregnancy is a natural state of insulin resistance. The women that have higher levels of insulin resistance can develop any of the complications associated with metabolic syndrome: increased level of triglycerides, hypertension and gestational diabetes mellitus.

High level of triglycerides during the pregnancy is associated with increased risks of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. .

Gestational diabetes is a state of impaired glucose tolerance of different degree, which is for the first time diagnosed in pregnancy. It turned out that the occurrence of GDM poses a risk of the development of the diabetes type I in about 4% and the diabetes type II in about 13% for 2-10 years after the pregnancy. .

Obesity and diabetes in combination with insulin resistance, hypertension and dyslipidemia make so-called MBS and as such is associated with increased morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

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