MEDITERRANEAN ASSOCIATION - DEGU is made up of prominent and recognized professors in their field.

Meet a professional team

Professor Nebojsa Lalic, Serbia

Professor Dragan Micic, Serbia

Professor John Giannios, Greece and UK

Professor Biljana Putnikovic, Serbia

Professor Tit Albreht, Slovenia

Assistant Professor Igor Pantic, Serbia

Ferit Saracoglu, Turkey

Professor Camil Castelo Branco, Spain

Aly Youssef, Italy

Spiros Pepes, Greece

Pietro Cignini, Italy

Lola Herman, Spain

Oana Chelemen, Romania

Antonela Gianacotti, Italy

Adriana Galan, Romania

Stefania Triunfo, Spain

Suhaip Abu Naser, Saudi Arabia

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