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The Mediterranean Society for Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension in Pregnancy, or DEGU, is the peak medical and scientific body in the region running towards improved care and outcomes for people with these conditions. It is a built-in association and is made up of its members. The Society was formally established in Belgrade on 9 January 2013. In the era of rapid progress in research in metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy in the Mediterranean region, it was agreed by senior leaders in the field, that a forum was needed for professionals interested in metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension. The Society was formed to include a membership open to any medical graduate or scientist with a declared interest in diabetes, and subsequently to also include any individual with a primary role in professional diabetes care.

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Why name DEGU?

  • 1. The degu is an intelligent, curious and lively small rodent. Let us be intelligent and lively in achieving our goals. Curiosity is prerequisite for scientific way of life. Let us be curious about many unsolved issues regarding metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy. Let us find willed answers.
  • 2. Degu is highly social. Let us be highly social, collaborative in our work.
  • 3. Degus together coordinate their activities. Let us together coordinate our activities.
  • 4. Although it does not inhabit Mediterranean region (Degu is generally considered endemic to west central Chile), it inhabits a Mediterranean-type semi-arid shrubland ecosystem called "matorral".
  • 5. Degus entered the research spotlight due to their unique relationship with sugar and diabetes and their intolerance of sugars makes them ideal models for diabetes research.

DEGU is a society for:

1. The health care practitioner that is intended to increase knowledge, stimulate research, and promote better management of pregnant women with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension. To achieve these goals, the society intention is to annually organize Yearly Scientific Gathering (congress or symposium and accompanying courses) and to launch a journal which would publish

original research on human studies in the following categories: Clinical Care, Education, Nutrition, Psychosocial Research, Epidemiology /Health Services Research, Pathophysiology, Complications, and Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk.

2. The patients who had experienced or have metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension during and beyond pregnancy.

The aims of the DEGU are to improve the wellbeing of individuals who have diabetes mellitus, including:

  • • To endorse among members of the medical profession, scientists and others the free exchange of knowledge with respect to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy
  • • To develop in alliance with other interested bodies, education methods designed to give those who have diabetes mellitus a better understanding of their condition
  • • To improve standards of diagnosis and management of diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy
  • • To distribute accurate information about diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy
  • • To promote research related to diabetes mellitus by individuals, hospitals, clinics, universities and other institutions and organizations
  • • To be responsible for statements relating to the professional and research aspects of diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy (both medical and scientific)
  • • To take such other measures and encourage such service as will enhance the welfare of individuals having diabetes and hypertension during and behind pregnancy.

The DEGU’s major focus will always be the yearly scientific gathering (YSG). The DEGU will host the YSG in conjunction with other associations and institutions delegates and participants from the region and the rest of the world and rotating around the major centers of Mediterranean. YSG will promote the exchange of the most up-to-date clinical practices and cutting edge research in metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hypertension with State-of-the-Art talks, free communication sessions and clinical, scientific

scientific and educational symposia. To accomplish our assignment to improve the lives of people with diabetes and work towards a future without diabetes, research is crucial and for that reason at the heart of our work. DEGU also wants to present the most up-to-date tools, techniques and management protocols to ensure the best possible outcome of pregnancies complicated by diabetes and hypertension.

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See the writing of the honorary board when established and the scientific board.

President Professor Miroslava Gojnic Dugalic, Vice-president Milan Perovic...

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